Hand-made LED infinite mirror.

Operates as a normal mirror when turned off.
Universal fit for all makes and models and adjustable to your OEM mirror.
Great for showing off your ride at a car show or to your friends.
Battery operated so you won't have to do any wiring in your vehicle.
Fresh new look to spruce up your stock mediocre mirror.
Long-lasting LED bulbs will provide you with years of enjoyment.
Fits over mirrors up to 8cm tall.
Size: 29.2cm (11-3/4")wide, 7.5cm (3") tall.
Uses 3 AAA batteries, they are NOT included.

*WARNING: Mechanical products such as “Infinity Mirrors” are for display/show use only. These products should not be in use while operating a vehicle as they limit your field of view and could be potentially dangerous to the driver and occupants of said vehicle. As well all battery-operated products should not be left in extreme weather conditions such as high heat (example: overly heated vehicles left in direct sunlight) or high condensation/moisture areas. GETSAVAGE is not responsible for product malfunctions due to these related issues. *